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Your Accelerated and Predictable Cash Flow Business

With Janie Grenier & Kyle Duelund • October 23 & 24, 2021

(Recordings will be available to all attendees after the event. Details on how to access those recordings will be given during the event.)

I strongly believe that there’s never been a better time for foreign investors — especially Canadians — to generate monthly cashflow with U.S. real estate…

Here’s the best part…

Usually, it would cost you $4,255 USD for access to this training and that would be an exceptional deal.

But, right now, when you enroll you can get
   ALL THIS for just $197 USD

U.S. Real Estate Investing Blueprint ($2,499)
Your 2-Day (LIVE) Virtual Master Class On Investing Remotely

  • Two full days of virtual (at-home) training on USA real estate investing…
  • See how to find smoking hot deals 50%-80% cheaper (in less than 90 days) …
  • Find out how to fund your deals with other people’s money!
  • Get everything you need to take full advantage of the U.S. market…

US Real Estate Deal Mastery QuickStart Bootcamp ($1,459)
Bootcamp is the recordings of 4+1 bonus weeks of the NFTC Mastery Group Program workshop and provides:

  • W1: The Journey Begins with what’s YOUR why & what do you want/need
  • W2: Create a follow-up system, an aggressive action plan, make calls & build lists
  • W3: Overcome fear, and get ready for some real negotiations
  • W4: Organize deal underwriting and make it RAIN
  • W5: BONUS! Remove distractions and adopt successful winning habits and get properties under contract and close FAST!

US Property Analysis Software! (Included)
Quickly and easily analyze the potential of ANY property before you even make an offer!

  • Figures out Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) Super quick
  • Never overpay for a property EVER again.
  • Accurately calculate all closing costs, holding costs, repair estimates in seconds
  • Know how much money you are going to make before you even start!


VALUE $4,255

REAL DEAL: 80% Cheaper Property in US

REAL DEAL: 50% Cheaper Property in US

To your wealth,

Janie Grenier Co-founder, J/K’s Real Estate Partners